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Cold. Near Death. Back Broken. Love Loss.

After the betrayal by her use to be best friend, Elizabeth Azure was forced to watch the death of her lover. Shots were fired, the smell of gun smoke filled the air around Elizabeth as she observes bullets blasting out of the barrel by the six gunmen shrouded in black flowing silk like black flames burning in the light. Her lover stood there taking it all in. He looks behind to make sure his beloved Elizabeth wasn't hurt. The passion in his eyes burned brighter than the bullets going through him. At those moments Elizabeth's Lover was immortal, the love in his heart made him have a steel guard against the tiny dangerous metal torpedoes. Once the bullets have stopped, The Lover's body fell like a falling feather against still winds. Elizabeth didn't see a dead man falling. No, she saw the embodiment collapse yet the love they both shared was still standing there protecting her even after death. But though their love is alive and well it wasn't enough to protect Elizabeth from the six Gunmen. Though their bullets have been reduced to zero, the harm still came to Elizabeth. No words can describe the harsh blows they did to her. But no, she didn't scream nor cry. She endured the pain, all she felt was mere panic cups falling from the shelf.

There were no screams nor cries, her body was very much alive because her lover's memory. The gunmen back away from Elizabeth, but what came after could destroy her deeply to the core of her soul. While she laid there on the stainless steel floor, she saw her best friend, Xenovia. A woman who was tall, in all black with silverish brown hair that cascaded down her wide back. Elizabeth glimpsed at her with her bruised arm extended reaching for friend with tearing eyes that said please have mercy. But all Xenovia did was pick up her badly beaten friend. She glanced at Elizabeth, a small smile emerged on Xenovia's face. The air became hollow without sound, Elizabeth heard nothing as she fades away into a false sense of relief. Xenovia tossed Elizabeth into a puddle by a small lake. Elizabeth's spirit was crushed when her only friend did this to her.

Elizabeth's Back was severely broken and she could barely move. Even breathing brought massive pain down her destroyed spine like 1000 razors drenched in salty lemon juice. The clouds in the sky darkened along with the roaring sound of thunder in the air. As it rained on her nearly lifeless body the mud under her drift down the hill ,and right into a lake.

face down. Can't Breath.

Local citizens spotted her body lying face up barely breathing. Her eyes as still as the clouds above, citizens quickly rushed her to the nearest ER. When they got there she lost the vision of the sky and her heart started to fail. They did an x ray on her and it said that her whole spine was so shattered that it looked more like a mangled tube of soda cans. Luckily a Doctor invented a special brace for such a patient. The surgery last for 23 days. Blood sweat and even more tears were shed, but thankfully it was successful. Even though she became better for the later months all she could do is stare at the Sky through the window. All she could think about was her lover and the friend that betrayed her. The emotional pain sank in deep to the point where show bottled her emotions like compressed air in a tank.

Elizabeth was released from the hospital, able to walk again but spirit still crushed. Her mind was locked in grief of what happened to her. The Doctor suggested to visit the area where this crime happened so she could get closure of just being alive. Elizabeth was stubborn but she knew she could ignore the words of the one who saved her life. She revisited the place where her lover made his last stand. The gruesome memories flashed back to her like a movie projector gone haywire. All there was left was rubble and rusted steel bars. She grieved for hours in the middle of that mechanical wasteland. She let all of her emotions out all at once.  She found her lover's long red scarf. The scarf the lover wore was his symbol of defying the limits of the skies. He was an airman for the organization they worked for. He was one of a kind, he would fly his classic fighter plane straight up into the sky ignoring what technicians warned him about. He Believed that there were no limits of how far a person could reach into the atmosphere. She remembered that her lover always use to said "The Sky was only a doorway to limitless atmospheres". he kept that straight and true until he died.  It was time.

Elizabeth reconditioned her body beyond her limits. Her back still in pain, She welcomes it to drive her. Adrenalin was pumping through her as she trained to get revenge on those who ruined her life and her lover's life. Mainly she was after Xenovia for just letting it happen. She reached the peak of inner body strength. Thanks to the good Doctor's spinal brace invention Elizabeth could bend her back in ways not even the most flexible gymnast could. She was ready to gain revenge. She stopped by at the wasteland one last time before going to fulfill her destiny.

Elizabeth walked over to some rubble she hadn't noticed before. It looked like a bunch of bronze pipes being clapped by a very large metal object hidden under the soggy mud. She pulled each piece of metal out one by one until ground under her opened up. She had accidently triggered the back door to a secret opening to the weapons creation unit. Everything in room was twisted and mangled, just like her back was earlier. She explored the hidden area, everthing was dark and moldy like a swamp on a summer day. There were broken computers and files with pictures of a young man in all blue attire. Elizabeth didn't care about what she found. All she wanted was the equipment to take down the one who wronged her. She didn't find anything so out of rage she punched tinted glass wall thus shattering it like the bones in her back. But she made a discovery totally by accident, she found a capsule within the room. Elizabeth walked to the coffin sized capsule and tapped it. The capsule itself opened with a lot of steam and the smell of burnt rubber over fire. It revealed have a suit made from a biochemical that enhances all senses, sights, and reflexes. Elizabeth had a train of thought, if she took this suit she could use it to kill Xenovia without her see Elizabeth's face. Surely it was a planned not well thought out but seemed effective. She took the suit from it specialized hanger that had a strange glowing grid that kept flashing faster as the suit was being removed. Once the light went out on the grid Elizabeth thought it was okay to just go ahead and walk with it. But the suit started doing something very odd.

As Elizabeth was walking away she looked down the suit started melting around her hand. Melting like sludge from a unclogged engine. The suit started to expand across her body ripping off every inch of clothing on her. she start losing her breath again like as if she was drowning in a mass of navy blue latex like substance going down her throat, eyes, and everywhere else in her body. When all has failed of trying to escape, Elizabeth blacked out.

She woke up on the floor. Vision was blurry; as she was getting up she realized she had white gloves, shoes, and shoulder/breast plates. She quickly grabbed a piece of shattered glass on the floor to see her reflection and saw the unspeakable. Her face was completely covered except the eyes with that navy blue mass. She gasped but she realized she couldn't move her mouth. It was as if someone erased her mouth from her face. She started thinking to herself but when she did, the words from her mind were blurting out of her like as if a microphone was placed next to her brain. She felt different, the pain was gone. Her reflexes were off the charts. She felt like she had no limits after putting on this suit. She remembers her lover's saying "The Sky was only a doorway to limitless atmospheres". She had to honor him somehow with the last bit of graciousness left over. After that day she abandoned the name, Elizabeth Azure, and became the Unlimited "Sky".
This is The Detailed event of Elizabeth Azure. A Woman scorned to get revenge but finds something that could assist her future role.

Sky/Elizabeth Azure is owned by :iconyubu:
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