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Sky by Animewave-Neo

Your Version of :thumb297265836: makes a hard core heroine turn into a Cute bubble and Busty character. I have to say this was fantasti...


Nanotechnology has gone too Far...... by BlueJacketChronicles
Nanotechnology has gone too Far......
in the year 2045, a company used technology to first create super clones of Deceased Heroes for the military..One year later when they learned what the Clones were rally made for they created a Being that could manipulate time... But what happens when their Nanotechnology is stolen and taken to the time with the most activity and is accidentally activated in the presents of an unprotected Civilian?  Could She die? Will the nano bots dissolve her very Being? who is this victim?
Faces of Heroes Part 4 by BlueJacketChronicles
Faces of Heroes Part 4
Black Monarch (Left): She was found by Blue Jacket in the Mayan Terrorist group's Base of Operations.  She was being brain washed into becoming their secret weapon to kill anyone who would interrupt their plans.  Once she was freed she vowed to fight along side Blue Jacket against Maiyn, The Leader of the Terrorist group, who was the one who brought her to that place. After those events, Monarch revealed she has absolutely no memories of what happened before she was brain washed. So she set out on a Journey to find herself. 2 years later, she wound up being caught in the middle of a war between Irish Ninjas and Celtic Shoguns.  She assisted a blind woman named Kiereina who was a ninja with the magic abilities of an Irish Wizard named Merlin. The woman was fighting to keep a kunai made from the shattered remains of King Author's Excalibur. After the two Defeated the Evil that was pulling the strings of everyone involved, Monarch suggested Kiereina to come with her back to the US to help find out about her own Origin. When the two came to Denver, it was under attack by Aliens. So the two jumped right into the fight. Once the invasion was over, Monarch discovered that a corporation was responsible for her being in the clutches or the Terrorist group years before. She fought to get answers but was apprehended and locked up in a maximum security prison for a murder she did not commit.

Kiereina (top): Daughter of a Ninja and a Irish Sorceress, She fought for years ton protect a Kunai made from King Author's Excalibur. She went up against an undead Warlock that was one of King Author's twin Sons. But was overpowered. When Black Monarch showed up to help, the were successful in his defeat. She was invited to come back to the US with Monarch. So she took up the offer went with her to a new land. But When she learned about the existence of Aliens. Kiereina knew that the impossible is now possible. She joined the fight along with her new friend. Once all the damage was done. She assisted Monarch in finding out about her past. When she found out that Monarch had been taken to prison, She decided to go find ways to prove her innocents by Recruiting the help of ForeLander, who use to work very closely to Monarch months before.
Red Seizure (Bottom): when she was young, she had seizures to almost anything that messed with her. Her mother had an experimental treatment done to her has a child that seemed to work for awhile. During this time Her two older brothers were fighting each other. She oldest Brother was locked you for 12 years for the crimes he committed while he was in a gang and her other brother was on an endless killing spree for years to come. As the years went by, every time she felt like she's about to have a seizure, a spark of light would pop out of her canceling the feeling all together. in her early teen years she encountered her murderous brother beating up their mother. The two fought but just as her brother was gonna lay the final blow, she felt another seizure come on in which shot out balls of red lights that eventually knocked him out the window. years later she ran into him yet again but he captured her used Manipulation to control her. If she didn't do what he tells her to do hen he would kill their mother. She was forced to do his bidding to save her mother. when she was summoned to fight along side her brother against Blue Jacket, she finally decided that she cannot hurt another person using the strange ability she had. She turned on her brother. But when he came to he made it clear he was going to kill their mom. So both Blue Jacket and Seizure tracked him down at the nick of time. But they got there they Seizures mother not breathing on the ground. Her Brother came from the shadows complimenting himself on his handy work and saying that she should have stuck with him. Seizure then had a massive seizure that shot bolts of light off of every wall. Blue Jacket and Seizure's brother duked it out during the destruction of lights in the room. Her brother only known as Red Jacket was about to kill Blue Jacket by throwing him out of a 34 story high building. But Seizure came to and learned that she has Psychic Abilities when in control of her power. She knew her brother would not stomp so she used all of her power to break his mind, with a cost. She didn't know that by breaking his mind would also shatter memories of him as well which cause her to go into coma like state. one year later, an imbalance of energies in the air woke Seizure up from her Coma. She could only remember her mother who just happen to still be alive after nearly dying by the hand of her youngest son. Seizure remembered she had a brother who was in jail but that's about it. But when she felt her Oldest Brother's pain, it sparked her Powers yet again and she flew into action to save her older brother Crimson from being tortured by escaped convicts. Ever since, Red Seizure has been a part of Presque to ensure her older brothers safety and to keep an eye out for those hidden in her memories.

Black Monarch, Kiereina, and Red Seizure are owned by :iconbluejacketchronicles:
Faces of Heroes Part 3 by BlueJacketChronicles
Faces of Heroes Part 3
Mondragon (Left): Was once a leader of a Terrorist group. She was so ruthless she shot her best friends Fiance with the intention of re-recruiting her as her right hand person for control. But when her Friend refused, she killed her but shooting her in the back and to make sure she was dead she stabbed her with her own sword. She had thought her Ex-friend was dead, but when her friend returned 3 years later in the form of the entity known as "Sky", she was taken down by the hands of Blue Jacket. She vowed revenge but was quickly interrupted by a rival Terrorist group who had bigger plans for the world. So when she realized that she wasn't strong enough to fight such a threat, she found away to use Fossil Fuel as a means of a Natural Steroid. Thought the boost helped take down most of the Rival terrorist groups plan. The strange substance was messing with her mind and body to the might where she became savage and sprouted Reptile like features. When her fellow Terrorists told her that she was injecting herself with the Substance for 3 years, she didn't believe them but when she looked at old security footage from her days as a Bio-engineer for the Terrorist group. She had been injecting herself with the green sludge for years. After finding this out her mental state had split into two minds. Her mind set before she had join the Terrorist group and what ever had emerged after injecting the liquid into herself. in 2013 when the entire city of Denver was held hostage by a mad man, She felt compelled to help save people but her other half wanted nothing more but to kill everything in sight. Thus something happened, a Mystical Figure by the Name Cobalt, used his power on her. The Sludge she had injected into herself had emerged from all holes of her body and was expelled never to be seen again. After she was Cleansed of the Vial entity that once possessed her, She wanted to undo help that one that she wronged the most. Sky. She came to her rescue but was ultimately rejected. But as time went on, Sky gave up on her grudge against Mondragon. The two became the fighting team they use be years before. Mondragon returns to her group she once stole.

Cobalt (Top): An Entity from another plain of Existence. He was once a hero from his own world but when his nemesis "Skin Rash" built a device that would reset the Universe, Cobalt was too late to stop him. the Whole solar system had been reset everything that Cobalt knew and loved had been erased from existence. But his will remained. for centuries, he rebuilt himself but not perfectly. Though he became the man he was but the memory was who he was is a complete blur. through endless meditating he foresaw a planet that looked similar to where he came from. When he saw this planet he realized that it was earth. But not HIS earth. The Memory of who he use to be had been turned into new life in this world. He vowed to guard this new earth and the New Life that could possibly be his new incarnation. years later he encountered a by Named Kevin Liore who was a form of protector for the city of Denver.  Cobalt saw himself in that young man. So occasionally Cobalt will Help Kevin without him being aware of it. But when Dark Quetzalcoatl attacked Denver, Cobalt sprung into action and helped Kevin who was now known as Blue Jacket, to beat this demonic creature. Once Cobalt made himself known another entity reappeared and caused trouble for everyone living in Denver, Colorado. Skin Rash had returned in the form of a scientist who created a machine that would yet again reset The universe. Cobalt feared for the new earth so the second he tried to stop Skin Rash, he had help from Blue Jacket, Mondragon, and the new hero Red Seizure to stop Skin Rash once and for all. Nowadays Cobalt watches for any powerful enemies that may be too much for the Presque group.

Energy (bottom): Was once a High School Senior Journalist who was always ready for the next big scoop. But if theres one thing she can't resist, it was her crush Kevin Liore, She went about has far as stalking him everywhere he went. But when she accidentally found out her crush was the Legend of Esplanade High's Blue Jacket, she was ripped. She didn't want to blurt out his hero Identity. But before she could do anything, she came in contact with a mad scientist name Dr. Narwhal who was experimenting on a black crystal he found in the remains of Skin Rash's Machine. When she accidently tripped a bunch of wired, the reaction from the Crystal backfired in the form of a Black laser beam that struck she. hours later, after Narwhal's defeat at the hands of Blue Jacket, She saw that the beam had mutated her body. Blue Jacket suggested that She she should talk to Sky to see what the effects did to her. While in the Lab at the Presque base, the Mutation had taken full effect. She Felt pain all around her body. Her skin turned bright Purples, Her hair turned dark gray, and every move she did caused a blast of energy to come out of her. Sky and Cobalt teamed up to teach her how to control her newly found powers. Energy became a full fledged heroine when Geneva, a Sludge-creature, had possessed her teacher Sky. Energy and Blue Jacket teamed up once again and drove away the unstoppable force. Later The Presque team found out the Geneva had been Absorbed by someone who had created an unstable version of Sky's suit. Thus turning that person into a horrible beast called Stratah. Energy had elected herself to destroy the creature inside out when it evolved into "The Doom Queen" when it absorbed the twins who were Possessed by Dark Quetzalcoatl. Energy found what remained of the person who created this monstrosity. The Woman pleaded for Energy to kill her to end the pain she had brought upon herself and to others. But Energy was up for the fight of her life when the combined forces of   Dark Quetzalcoatl and Geneva used the poor woman's body as a Conduit to synchronize their powers. Energy with the help of Cobalt created an interstellar shock-wave that destroyed the massive creature from the inside. Once the creature was destroyed, the Woman that was inside lived but with both Creature fighting over power over her body. Energy took the woman out of her misery and disintegrated her with both creatures inside of her as well. Energy remains a hero but is still scared from what she did to the woman...

Sky, Cobalt, and Energy are owned by :iconbluejacketchronicles:
Faces of Heroes Part 2 by BlueJacketChronicles
Faces of Heroes Part 2
Sky (Left): Use to work for a Terrorist group, but when the groups leader shot her fiance then she her in the spine. She vowed revenge. Years later, she gained Control of the group and changed it's ways to be a Group for Heroes instead.

Chrome Skull (Top): A Mischief loving Teen who became Obsessed abot become Hero. No matter how many times he was told not to interfere, he did anyway when the Hero Ground called "Presque" was under attack by a pair of Twins possesed by the lingering Spirit of Dark Quetzalcoatl. With his quick thinking he turned the two against each other and freed the Group members from captivity. So he himself is a loyal member of "Presque"

Crimson (Bottom): Once was the most feared man in Denver, Colorado. He was the leader of deadly Gang that ran the streets. But when his Actions lead to his 7 year old little brother trying to go where he refused to go. Crimson was locked up, he found out his Little brother killed 100 people in less that 3 days just so he could prove himself worth of joining his brothers gang. But Crimson's gang never really killed people. But the fact that his own blood kill another living person made him guilty. 11 years later, Crimson was released from prison with a mission. To undo all the wrong he has done. But when he found out his Little Brother had become Psychopathic Killing Machine, he ask for the Help of Presque to stop him from harming others.

Sky, Chrome Skull, and Crimson are owned by :iconbluejacketchronicles:
Faces of Heroes Part 1 by BlueJacketChronicles
Faces of Heroes Part 1
Blue Jacket (Left): Once was a Quiet Teen but after his School was threatened by Terrorist, with the help of his cousin he stepped up and Suited up.

ForeLander (Top): A Mercenary turned hero, Fights to honor his heritage.

Blue Burst (Bottom): Cousin of Blue Jacket,  She came to America to help her little cousin fight Bullies but eventually got caught up in a plan to Stop Terrorists.

Blue Jacket, ForeLander, and Blue Burst are owned by :iconbluejacketchronicles:
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Hey gang,

Sorry for my long reacquiring absence on DA. I've been dealing with issues of two different factors that I'm not gonna try to explain it's too confusing to follow. But I've been drawing a lot lately so I think I may unleash new pictures yet to be seen. Plus though I've been saying for awhile that I was going to Post the Ending to the Invasion Saga. But the problem is that I have three ideas on how to end it:

1. The Tyrant is reborn in a new form and sends Blue Jacket and The Prince back to his home world to be imprisoned. But the prince has his own underground resistance team that breaks himself and BJ out thus transitions into one long battle to return to earth and take out the Tyrant with an Ancient Alien power by their native gods.

2. The Tyrant is reborn in a new form, The whole Presque team band together for their most devastating battle yet. But when everyone fails, The physical embodiments of the former gods show up to reclaim their powers from the Tyrant. The Tyrant fights back to reclaim the power he has longed for but is quickly taken down by the Alien Prince's blade and Blue Jacket's A-Zul Grenade.

3. The Tyrant is reborn in a new form, HE defeats the whole Presque team. Right before The Tyrant can lay the finishing blow to Blue Jacket, a Black light bursts through a vortex and snatches The Tyrant. Everything goes white. Al the characters wake up in their respected homes without any memory of what happened to the Tyrant and the rest of the Aliens. Like some kind of force just ripped them form their memories.

I can't really choose how it should end. But i'm leaning towards Number 3 because in this new Ark, Time plays a factor. Also I wanted to know what does it take for me to actually sell Commissions? Yes, you heard me right. COMMISSIONS. I want to earn money to help pay bills. Though I am Training to go into Construction, I also want to draw for people and earn money for that.




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Muhammad Abdullah
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I'm into anime style of drawing. i want to be a cartoonist one day and it if play my cards right i could be a voice actor (what my friends n mother tell me).

If you ever want to fight me on Soul Calibur, Tekken,and SfXT...or you want to team up on DC Universe....check my PSN name to ind me.

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Favourite cartoon character: inspector gadget
Personal Quote: With out comedy you might as well be dead

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