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Justice For All!
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Sky by Animewave-Neo

Your Version of :thumb297265836: makes a hard core heroine turn into a Cute bubble and Busty character. I have to say this was fantasti...


OC Sunstone by BlueJacketChronicles
OC Sunstone
Originally known as Nova Cycle, Novicca had help Blue Jacket and the others stop a time manipulating mad man from from ruining the world. After this event, Novicca learned of her origin. She was a clone of a Woman who seemed to have been a loner who has isolated herself from the world. This woman lived in the woods of Grand Mesa, Colorado. Novicca headed to this woman's home to learn more about the one she was cloned from. Once she made it there, she found an Abandoned Cabin, It looked as if it had not been touched in ages. Novicca spent a lot of time snooping within the cabin, all she found was old clothes from the 80's, a magazine from with the main article featuring the pop sensation of the time Lena Star, and a lot of old books covered in dust. Novicca searched through the books to make one weird discovery. They were all Spellbooks. But not just any kind of spell books, these all were SUN related. She read in one of the books that one must embrace the SUN to gain one of the powers of LIGHT. Novicca then thought to herself that maybe it wasn't because of the science experiments for she gained her Solar Electric powers. Maybe it was from The woman she was cloned from while she was at her prime in this kind of magic. Novicca then heard noises coming towards the Cabin. She quickly hid in  hollow portion of the cabin floor and listened. Two men wearing Military like Armor walked into the Cabin. They seemed to be searching for something or someone. The men started to talk about the woman who lived in the Cabin. They said her name was Eyanosa Sunstone and she was a Sage of Light who had been fighting against their organization for many years but lost her fight to someone who was working off the grid of there Jurisdiction. They heard the Experiments were successful but the Creation was stolen by two punks in costumes (Blue Jacket & Blue Burst). Novicca put to and to together and thought those military guys might be there to get anything that is left of Eyanosa Sunstone. One of the Men mentioned that Sunstone always wore Black and White robes but was always studded in Gold. They continued and said that Sunstone's robes hold the key to having infinite Solar energy from years of bathing in Solar magic. Novicca then knew what she must do, find the Robes before these military guys do, but in order to do this she must bring the pain. Novicca then went into her Lightspeed mode and took each of those guys out leaving bruises and 3 degree burns...That was without even using her guns. Novicca used her speed to search the whole cabin for the whereabouts of those Robes. When she looked inside of the closet to find....nothing....but just as it seemed all hope was lost, a spark from Novicca caused a reaction that made the Closet combust and out of the electric golden flames a box emerges. Novicca opened the box to find what she was looking for. Eyanosa's Robes......Novicca then thought to herself she should have enough time to change into them before the Military guys wake up. When she tried them on, the Robes looked like they were meant for an elder granny of some kind. Novicca then wished these robes were more to her liking while keeping respect to the original. The Robe lit up then her other clothes flew in and lit up as well. All the clothing then ripped off of Novicca then began to spin all around her like a vortex......In a flash of Golden light, Novicca realized she had just dawned a new outfit. It looked like her old costume fused with Sunstone's Robes. Novicca looked in a mirror nearby and notices that her face was the same color as her new body suit. Her forearms were studded with gold. Her eyes were burning more than ever that it almost scared her. She felt like that missing void was filled like she has new life within her. From that point on Novicca realized that because of the experiments that made her was the downfall of Eyanosa Sunstone. Maybe with this new found power and enlightenment she could live out the life that Eyanosa lost. Novicca decided to abandon her codename "Nova Cycle" and to adopt the name "Sunstone".

Nova Cycle, Eyanosa Sunstone, and Sunstone are owned by :iconbluejacketchronicles: 
OC Sky by BlueJacketChronicles
OC Sky
Elizabeth Azure, Leader of the former Mercenary group turned Super Hero group "Presque". Code Name: Sky

((Endings from different stories))

((Invasion Saga))

After Sky was almost killed by The Tyrant at his final form, Blue Jacket and Prince Shah'Neir of the planet Alkartal emerge from a Portal dressed in Alien Military armor and attacked the Tyrant with a new found power. It seemed like the two had gained the powers of the Stars and Nebulas. They fought the Tyrant with every last breathe but it seemed The Tyrant was near unstoppable. That is until SKy noticed that everytime The Tyrant pauses to taunt the heroes in Armor, his barrier goes down thus leaving the jewels on his back to be unprotected. Sky waited for the right time to strike. When the time came she threw her Rapier at the jewel thus piercing it through the jewel straight into the tyrant's back out of his chest. Which this Both Blue Jacket and Shah'Neir used the abilities the Cosmis Deities granted them to shatter and destroy both the jewels and the Tyrant himself. The Tyrants body morphed back into Shah'Neir's sister, Keket. Keket said her good byes to her younger brother and asked for forgiveness for all the things she did alongside the Tyrant. Keket then turned into a demi-star and flew into the farthest reaches of space. One day later Shah'Neir was named the new king of Alkartal and married his love. The King then dubbed Blue Jacket and the rest of the Presque team as Honorary Royal Vanguard of the Southern Galaxy. Sky decides to take a long overdue vacation from being a hero and goes out of town for 4 months.

((Time Saga))

After Sky fought two of the remaining members of "The 5ive", The two enemies were killed by a surprise villain, Skin Rash. SR then absorbed the two into himself to gain partial powers over time. But when SR became too power Sky fled to get the aid of her temporary Partner , Hash ((Blue Jacket 2042, Kevin Liore's Daughter)). But Even with Hash's help SR was too powerful. In a ditch plan to save Hash's life from Skin Rash, Sky sacrificed herself but being erased from time itself and anything left of absorbed by Skin Rash. After almost all the heroes and a few of the villains were killed by Skin Rash, Blue Jacket with the last remnants of all of his friend protecting him defeated the Living Black hole thus freeing all gaps in time and space. but the shock wave from it caused another event to stir. Sky was revived back to a point where nobody even remembered the event that even happened..the only ones who remember are Blue Jacket, Sky, Novicca "Nova Cycle", Exodus, and The Magic Investigators.

Sky is owned by :iconbluejacketchronicles:
OC The Co-Worker
3 years ago a woman lost her job because it was revealed she was sexually aroused by her weight gain. She use to eat tubs of Whipped Cream to charge her sexual urges. She did get a new job as a telemarketer but at one cost, she must abandon her ways in order to keep her job but the last straw was when her best friend past away from Anorexia after be shamed for years. The Woman decided quit her job and live out her and her best friend's life. This woman was only known as "The Co-Worker". After 3 years of slimming down to please Societies lust for The Skinny and Thin, The Co-Worker had enough and it was time to re-break the mold as she did many years ago.

Bust: 45HH

She's only getting started....

3 years ago
She was Stuffed
She was Graceful
She got heavier
She even met :iconzeroconfidence:

The Co-Worker is owned by :iconbluejacketchronicles:
Bringing Back a BBW Classic.....She's hungry for your views..
Happy 4th of July by BlueJacketChronicles
Happy 4th of July
Left to Right

Name: Crimson
Age: 31
Power: Hyper Tech

Name: Sunstone
Age: 24?
Power: Fires Solar Flares and Super Speed

Name: Blue Jacket
Age: 19
Power: Parkour & Detection Sensory 

((Story Coming Soon))
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Live to Rise - Sound Garden
  • Watching: Good day Colorado
  • Playing: Guild Wars 2
  • Eating: pastrami Sandwhich
  • Drinking: Tea
If you try to impress everyone its just going to stress you out. There will be one who will have issues of what you Draw, Paint, or Digitally alter. It's just best to fold those people up and put them in a closet until they can keep their mean opinions to their selves. Just keep doing what you do, it doesn't matter how many views you get or whats trendy at the time. Keep drawing what make YOU happy.


BlueJacketChronicles's Profile Picture
Muhammad Abdullah
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm into anime style of drawing. i want to be a cartoonist one day and it if play my cards right i could be a voice actor (what my friends n mother tell me).

If you ever want to fight me on Soul Calibur, Tekken,and SfXT...or you want to team up on DC Universe....check my PSN name to ind me.

Get your Portable ID!

Current Residence: Denver, Co
Favourite genre of music: dance, Rock, pop, trance
Favourite photographer: none
Favourite style of art: Anime or animation
Operating System: paper and pencil
MP3 player of choice: iPOD CLASSIC
Shell of choice: none
Wallpaper of choice: the kind i created on CS6
Skin of choice: is that a joke?
Favourite cartoon character: inspector gadget
Personal Quote: With out comedy you might as well be dead

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