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Justice For All!
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Sky by Animewave-Neo

Your Version of :thumb297265836: makes a hard core heroine turn into a Cute bubble and Busty character. I have to say this was fantasti...


Rubi by BlueJacketChronicles
This is a sketch I did for my friend who use to babysit me when I was still in elementary school..She still looks the same after all these years...
Retraining with Wacom
Busted out my Wacom Bamboo Tablet and retraining myself to use it. I forgot that if you just plug in the Tablet into the laptop then any program open that is able to use Bamboo with crash after 30 minutes...So, Luckily I remembered this time to plug in before tuning it on. So I drew a lady..nothing special but it's cool...

Situation here is a bit odd and hard to explain, but there are pictures coming....
Alloy and Future Modes by BlueJacketChronicles
Alloy and Future Modes
Alloy is a hero whose body is completely made from nanotechnology. Her power is to absorb other tech to better herself in combat. But something straight occurred when she absorbed too much of one thing at once...She began to Shift in form...not only can she recreate the weapons she took into her body but the programming in her nanites can restruction her whole body to fit the need for certain items. here are her new modes:

Blader Mode:

When Alloy absorbs enough metal that either is or resembles a blade or just sharp scraps of metal laying around. She can convert them into her body and relaunch them through her arms as her very own swords made from her. She uses this commonly during combat but will not use this ability to harm unarmed people. But it's very effective in making people talk during an interrogation. 

Aerostryker Mode: 

When Alloy needs to fight in the air she would need her own wings. She needs to absorb a whole aircraft into herself (Makes you wonder where it all goes) to gain the ability to fly. When she does this she grows Wings of a fighting jet both on her back and legs. Not only that but she grows turbines on her forearms to blast highly pressurized wind at enemies (This Air compressor gun with the horse power of Bullet that can shoot through tanks). To allow her to fly, the nanites in her body shrinks her body to 4ft tall to move fast in the air.

Balistia Fantasia Mode: 

When Alloy is grounded and can't move, she doesn't let this take her down. But when her friends need some serious fire power, Alloy gets ballistic. She Absorbs anything close or is of Tank like capabilities. Once she absorbs at least 10 tanks, her body mass becomes more dense to the point where she sacrificed mobility for more power. As she stands in place her whole upper body grows 8ft tall and becomes gilded with Tank like armor. Her arms and upper back become living turrets firing enough bullets to bring down the most heavenly armored vehicles around in a single shot. What's that? Why does she have bigger Boobs? I hate to break it to you but those are not boobs. that's actually a containment device in her chest that hides her most powerful weapon in this form. Her chest opens up and folds out a massive Laser cannon that could possibly rival the Death Star if it could, The cannon is 14 feet long and can fire 45 rounds laser bolts in 12 seconds but can do one massive blast at once but this would temporary incapacitate Alloy for 12 hours after blasting.

Mech Storm Mode: 

Alloy's Fourth and final form may or may not work but in theory it could possible become the true form of Nature and Science......Alloy absorbs every piece of metal within a 12 block radius. It could be junk or actually machinery. But the problem is that her nanites have to spread out and receive the metal but her body can only go so far. Once every piece of metal in gather, Alloy had already used up most of her power. Now she would be a huge mountain of twist metal that's about to shut down. But she is not alone, with the powerful Elven magic from "Zeal Archer" and the mental guidance from Crimson (Too keep alloys mind in space so as she spreads out she won't lose herself), Alloy combines her 3 previous forms and uses power from an odd new source. Alloy grows in size. Her whole body becomes galvanized and powerful all around. She becomes the worlds first living mech. she grows to half the size of the Empire State building. She has Singular blades that pierce through her arms as well as the nuke like weapons that can fire through her fingertips. she has two huge laser cannons on her back powered by the photon turbine in her chest. Her body is sleak and shiny. She Metallic hair made of steel . A punch from This Colossus version of Alloy is like a being hit by a bullet train 10 times it's normal speed. Alloy is unable to speak but she is able to create software that links to her teammates phones that allow her to communicate through Text.

Alloy is owned by :iconbluejacketchronicles: 
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If you try to impress everyone its just going to stress you out. There will be one who will have issues of what you Draw, Paint, or Digitally alter. It's just best to fold those people up and put them in a closet until they can keep their mean opinions to their selves. Just keep doing what you do, it doesn't matter how many views you get or whats trendy at the time. Keep drawing what make YOU happy.


BlueJacketChronicles's Profile Picture
Muhammad Abdullah
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm into anime style of drawing. i want to be a cartoonist one day and it if play my cards right i could be a voice actor (what my friends n mother tell me).

If you ever want to fight me on Soul Calibur, Tekken,and SfXT...or you want to team up on DC Universe....check my PSN name to ind me.

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Current Residence: Denver, Co
Favourite genre of music: dance, Rock, pop, trance
Favourite photographer: none
Favourite style of art: Anime or animation
Operating System: paper and pencil
MP3 player of choice: iPOD CLASSIC
Shell of choice: none
Wallpaper of choice: the kind i created on CS6
Skin of choice: is that a joke?
Favourite cartoon character: inspector gadget
Personal Quote: With out comedy you might as well be dead

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