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Sky by Animewave-Neo

Your Version of :thumb297265836: makes a hard core heroine turn into a Cute bubble and Busty character. I have to say this was fantasti...


OC Crimson and Red Siege by BlueJacketChronicles
OC Crimson and Red Siege
Dillin and Sasha Oliver are brother and sister. These two are heroes in their own right from the trials they went through. Dilin was once a gang-leader in the 90s but when he was arrested and release 6 years later he went from street thug to master technician. Creating programs, solving any computer related dilemma. But what got him in jail as it turns out wasn't really his fault. You see his younger Half Brother , Craig St. Hendricks (Red Jacket), had framed him for crimes against the city of Denver. Heck he was almost executed for murdering a whole school. But thanks to evidence leading to the real culprit, bits and pieces of Dillin's time in jail fell off, but he still had to serve 6 years for his previous crimes as a thug, in which he willingly accepted under certain conditions. He demanded that his mother and kid sister to be removed to a different place to live and have protection from their brother Craig at all costs. Though Sasha and her mother were relocated it seemed that the streets followed. Her mother was a vivid drug addict and always got her hands on new drugs from time to time from an unknown source. When Sasha was 3 years old, her mother got her hands on a weird drug that looked like if someone placed glitter and mercury into some mountain dew. Sasha's mom injected it into herself and enjoyed a wild ride that was unheard of from other drugs. The one who brought the drug to Sasha's mother was the one relative that everyone tries to forget. Craig....Craig back then before picking up the mantle as Red Jacket was a Sociopathic Psychopath who just did what he wanted and caused chaos in the streets of Denver for a good chuckle. He took a high dose the drug and injected into his baby sister just for laughs. At first nothing happened but as years went by it trigger nearly fatal Seizures. By the time she was in high school, her powers manifested during a massive seizure she had during an outing with  Kevin Liore (Blue Jacket) at Morp, The reverse Prom. A year later the mercenary group Presque learned of Sasha's powers and tried to use them against a group of cultists only known as "The Mayan" to do battle against them. But their plan ultimately failed when Blue Jacket and Red Jacket interrupted with their own fight. When Sasha gained her mind back she let out a huge pulse of mental waves to save Blue Jacket from her mainiac brother. From this She slipped into a 2 year coma, happy with a clean conscience.

Dillin had been out of jail for 8 years, working as a traveling Technician to get by all around the US. But no matter where he went he ran into various people who still blame him for the murders even though all evidence points at his younger brother. He had to live with the constant burden of hearing what his brother did. This greatly effected his work so much that he almost resorted to drug use but he didn't want to follow in his mother's footsteps. So he focus more on building technology. He creates gizmos to sell to only certain people who seem to use it for good. But just as he thought he was gonna be just fine, he gets a letter from his mother that his little sister had been in a coma for a year and a half. Upset with the news Dillin went back to denver to see what became of his family. What he found was beyond words. His mother had been drug free for 16 years, his little brother is now official the most wanted man in Denver and all cops are scared to even get near him, and Sasha was still in a coma but spikes of mental power occasionally manifest in certain conditions. Dillin wanted answers about what happened to his sister so his mother told him. When dillin found out it was Craig's fault for Sasha's coma, he went on a one man rampage to hunt down his brother. But this was short lived because around the same time the City had been taken hostage by almost all the inmates from all of Denver's prisons and 3 other groups from other countries to assist them. Every angle of Denver was bordered up with trucks and crashed cars. Dilin didn't care, he was out for some revenge for his sister. But he was stopped by his old rivals from back in the day. He was out matched 1 to 24...

(to be continued)

Crimson and Red Siege are owned by :iconbluejacketchronicles:
OC Red Siege by BlueJacketChronicles
OC Red Siege
Catch Red Siege before when she was Red Seizure

Sasha Oliver, The Red Seizure, Younger Sister to Crimson and the evil Red Jacket, Has grown as a hero. She's been through a lot. Being experimented by her own brother with a mutagenic Compound, Put herself in a 2 year Coma to avoid hurting others with her powers, Defeated her brother, was manipulated by Alien Cultists, was erased from time itself, and more recently took on an army of Arcane Wizards. Her powers have grown to the point where she can control her powers without having to trigger a Seizure to reach it. She has acquired the power of telekinesis. But this wouldn't be enough for her. at the ripe age of 21 she feels that she should sharpen her power mind but she must use body in a fight as well. She has trained it 3 kinds of Martial Arts thanks to the Presque Trainer named "Gym" ( ) , Crimson, and believe it or not Red Jacket (who is still locked up in an insane asylum)....

After months of training she ditched her costume she wore during the invasion and reworked it to match her new found abilities, Sasha was reading to go forth and fight crime along side her super hero friends. But she didn't realise it but this would be where she found out the origin of the Mutagenic Compound her old brother "Red Jacket" injected into her as a toddler many years ago. She found out it came from a bunch of sciences that wee looking for a way to use the source of MAgic against their magic using rivals , Arcane Wizards, but most of power sources wouldn't solidify unless it made huge contact (which is what they did not want.). If the Liquid magic were to enter the human immune system it would cause Seizures that would result in strong outbursts of mental radiation (Telekinesis). But because Red Seizure was injected with such I high dosage as a child it was minimal until the normal epilepsy manifested and combined with what should have triggered the compound in her system. As years went on, it seems the Seizures from both the compound and the epilepsy have subsided, in the process allowing Red Seizure to control her new found powers with ease...It adapted to her.

Upon finding out this information Red Seizure decided to abandon her code name. It seemed pointless to her a name that doesn't match what makes her great. From this new turn of events she decided to take down all the laboratories that make the compound that gave her powers. She broke down doors, threw enemies left, and suspended objects in the air to the right.  When she confronted the scientist that accidently made the compound, he revealed to her that he has made extra money on the streets because of it and sold it as a Drug testing it on unsuspecting citizens. Sasha then realised that if it was on the streets back when she was a baby then there's a possibility there could be more like her out the in the world and who knows what kind of powers manifested. The Scientist then revealed he too has injected himself with the compound and mixed it chemicals normally used to make both energy drinks and Steroids....The Scientist then started to charge up. As his he screams as he charges, his clean cut light brown hair became long Silver and wavy. His skin turned into a bronze as is veins turned green. The man that was once a scientist had transformed himself into an ungodly creature scraped him the left overs of science itself. Though she was shocked by the transformation, Sasha knew she had to power herself up as well. She went full blown Telepath in a matter of seconds (Usually it would take 5 minutes and a lot of mental pain to get to that point but thanks to the training from Cobalt she could control her powers better). Sasha's eyes blowed aquamarine blue, so did her facial birthmarks. She was ready for battle. 

The Beast and Sasha fought long and hard..breaking walls, threw equipment at each other, and had a mental duel of which Sasha won...The Beast then said that Sasha put his whole operation under siege when she destroyed 20 years of research. Sasha laughed at him and said that she doesn't know what that word meant....Siege...She declared she would look it up later...Sasha then launched a mental break into the beast's mind. The shock from it turned the beast back into shriveled up man he was. Sasha's mission was completed..she found out where her powers came from and found another branch of rogue scientists experimenting on people for their own war against equally as bad Arcane Magic users.

Sasha kept her word and looked up the word "Siege" means "any prolonged or persistent effort to overcome resistance."....Sasha liked the meaning of the word so she adopted it as part of her new code name....She no longer goes by Red Seizure because she doesn't have seizures to use her powers anymore....if anything she uses her powers to overcome the resistance of those who harm others by fighting back. The color red has gotten a bad rap in the past 20 years thanks to her old brother but her oldest brother keeps to change that, so she will aid him by keeping Red to make it primarily good again....Red Seizure is's time Red Siege rise...

OC Sasha Oliver / Red Siege is owned by :iconbluejacketchronicles: 
The Return of Cereous Moonseed (COLOR) by BlueJacketChronicles
The Return of Cereous Moonseed (COLOR)
Birth by Moonlight

The Ranger, The Barbarian, The Warlock, and The Mystic

Cereous Moonseed, A being born from the Seeds of the moon, she was Mystic that was charged to defeat a great foe, But there is more to this foe. In the mist of the war between Magic and Technology there were two Enemies who became lovers. After their relationship bloomed they realized that the War from both sides was meaningless destruction of two sides of the same coin. But when the war began to shatter their love they both betrayed their respective posts in Magic and Technology and began to build weapons of both magic and technology to destroy their destroyers. The lovers built beings of unimaginable power. A Time Necromancer, An Ex Machina, and a Mystic........But when their respective parties found out about their betrayal. They took everything apart. The Time Necromancer was repurposed as a guardian for The Arcane Wizards.......The Ex Machina was unfinished and very unstable but the whereabouts of it went cold after the creators death....The Mystic was deemed potentially too powerful to destroy or control. The Alchemists from the technological side decided to send the Mystic to a place where nobody could obtain it...The Moon. But what they failed to realise was that the mystic was self aware. When they used their advancements of science to send The Mystic to the moon, The Mystic itself blew up upon contact. But what they didn't expect was the Mystic to comeback to life through the electromagnetic waves from the moon to the plant life of earth. It seemed The Mystic was able to use the spore from random planets around the world to create  a seed that would only grow to pure moonlight and the Lunar pulses from the moon. When the Alchemists found out about this they sent Beasts to destroy what creature grows from that seed. This went one for many centuries to the point where people just forgot about Seeds in the Moonlight. Since then a Creature born from Moonlight did rise eventually. The Mystic. This being was spotted all through out Europe and The Middle East for Centuries. This creature was described to look like a woman with pale skin that closely emulates to spade of the Moon itself. The Legend states that every time She is killed off, she manifests again a month later in a new location that's underneath moonlight.  But the problem was that she would lose her memory every time she died. But because she was killed so many times throughout history, folks just gave up and on trying to kill her off. Not only that, Her re-Manifestation was so strained from the constant revival that the process took longer than usual...When she started coming less, sometimes years, decades, and even centuries, it was even questioned if she was just a myth. But one day the moon finally just stopped reproducing The Mystic.....that is until 3,000 years later in the year 2015...though there was technology in the past, it was left written out of history to ensure any links to the old wars were lost. But secretly the wars have been going on without stopping. But on one random day the battles paused when a shockwave gazed through entire earth. The Arcane Magic users sensed a disturbance in between realms....The Alchemists detected that something in time and Space has a sense they were both right but then this only lead to more blame amongst themselves. Accusing one another of creating a new weapon of warfare. The fight that has been going one for centuries flared up once again without any question...but what came next was going to bring one part of a trinity to the foreground....

The force from the shockwave was so powerful it even reawakened The Moon's Mystic power and it's Herald......Through legend this herald comes back to earth like a Flower in the moonlight. Though it was only known as The Mystic only by the warriors of old from the past war. It went by another name....The Moonseed....A woman born from the moonlight...Naive to the worlds condition but was caught in whimsy. Went she reappeared she like before had no memory of her past exploits. She had only her Glowing staff and diamond daggers made from the crystals of the Moon itself. thought she roams the world now, she doesn't realize she has a bigger role to play in the War between Magic and Science.....She was going to join a third party that is gonna try to end the War on both ends. 

((To Be Continued))

Cereous Moonseed is owned by :iconbluejacketchronicles:
The Return of Cereous Moonseed (Uncolored) by BlueJacketChronicles
The Return of Cereous Moonseed (Uncolored)

Name: Cereous Moonseed
Age: ????
Birth Place: Lunar Ceal / The Moon
Weapon(s): Glow Staff and Crystal Daggers
Abilities: Gravity Manipulation, Lunar Sonar , Healing Mastery, Lunar Energy pulse, Frost Manipulation, Communicates with Plant life
Parents: Lord of Arcane Magic (Father) & Magister of Alchemeic (Al-ka-may-ic) Mechanics (Mother)

Cereous Moonseed is owned by :iconbluejacketchronicles:
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If you try to impress everyone its just going to stress you out. There will be one who will have issues of what you Draw, Paint, or Digitally alter. It's just best to fold those people up and put them in a closet until they can keep their mean opinions to their selves. Just keep doing what you do, it doesn't matter how many views you get or whats trendy at the time. Keep drawing what make YOU happy.


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Muhammad Abdullah
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm into anime style of drawing. i want to be a cartoonist one day and it if play my cards right i could be a voice actor (what my friends n mother tell me).

If you ever want to fight me on Soul Calibur, Tekken,and SfXT...or you want to team up on DC Universe....check my PSN name to ind me.

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Current Residence: Denver, Co
Favourite genre of music: dance, Rock, pop, trance
Favourite photographer: none
Favourite style of art: Anime or animation
Operating System: paper and pencil
MP3 player of choice: iPOD CLASSIC
Shell of choice: none
Wallpaper of choice: the kind i created on CS6
Skin of choice: is that a joke?
Favourite cartoon character: inspector gadget
Personal Quote: With out comedy you might as well be dead

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